Workday - First Floor Lobby
First Floor Elevator Lobby
Workday training center graphics
Training Center Pre-function
Workday Training Center
Workday theater interior
second floor elevator lobby
Hallway graphics with woman
conference room pool room and break area
third floor elevator lobby
conference room and hallway graphics
stairway with graphics and working women
top of the stairs and conference room view
office space conference room and banquettes
breakroom pingpong and seating
Amphitheater seating and meeting with pingpong
fourth floor elevator lobby with graphics
Amphitheater seating with pingpong and a view
hallway graphics and flower wallpaper
work nook and wall graphics
elevator lobby with environment graphic design
meeting collaboration space with environmental graphics
wall graphics and hula hoops
meeting with environmental graphics and signage
building lobby and Workday
building lobby at Workday with reception
workday building lobby with reception desk
Workday conference center reception
client briefing center break area
Workday conference room